Kristopher Ray Bolleter


Met Limo of Boston  |  Brand Identity - Website Design & Development

Met Limo of Boston approached me after acquiring a much older established Boston Limo company in dire need of a new user experience and strategic direction. I developed a lightweight, SEO-rich foundation for their new organization to flourish and quickly compete in the greater Boston area.

CJ Pearson  |  Brand Identity - Website Design & Development

CJ Pearson is an extremely intelligent young man destined to make a name for himself in politics or anything he aims to acheive. Currently involved in a number of non-profits and political grassroots movements, CJ needed a place to highlight all his accomplishments and content for new and existing fans and followers.

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Varhely  |  Brand Identity - Website Design & Development

Dr. Mark Vahely was in the process of opening his new practice, but wanted to avoid all the web startup traps so many fall victim to. I built his practice a simple static solution and a unique brand identity to stand out from the rest and quickly index on search engines while remaining extremely intuitive for new and existing patients to navigate.

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Bastrop Country Club  |  Brand Identity - Microsite Design & Development

Formerly Pine Forest Golf Club, Bastrop Country Club was recently acquired and renovated to highlight it's incredible hill country golf experience. They wanted to start with a simple SEO-rich, conversion-focused static microsite to establish a web presence and focus on introducing new event offerings.

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American Military News  |  Website Design & Development

American Military News is a popular military-focused news and journalism online hub. I worked with them to expand their brand standards (of the existing brand) and developed a readability driven user experience that could grow with their increase in traffic.

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Ninja.GOP  |  Logo Design - Microsite Design & Development

Ninja.GOP was a sister-operation to Catch Digital's full-service agency specializing in political targetting and data optimization. They needed a quick logo and microsite for the operation, and I was happy to throw something fun, memorable, and functional together for them.

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Aquabot X4  |  Art Direction - Website Design & Development

Spindle 360 works with a number of pool products, and pool cleaners specifically, so it was a great experience to design user experiences for each product tailored to their brand. For the Aquabot Exteme Series, I wanted to push the boundaries of 'percieved space' with the stage utilizing some unique photography angles and subtle CSS transitions.

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The Scoop  |  Website Design & Development

The Scoop is a social blog and "a growing movement of young free thinkers who reject political correctness and live-and-breath Internet culture". I worked with Drogin Group to develop a user experience unique to their social video content and focused on driving social engagement.

Lance Gooden  |  Website Design & Development

Lance Gooden ran a successful campaign for a congressional seat in Texas and I was happy to help him build a custom user experience for reaching voters and sharing his views on issues.

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Litcessory  |  Art Direction - Website Design & Development

Litcessory makes it possible to do some really cool advanced LED lighting setups with your Phillips Hue. It's all rather 'tech-y' so I worked with Tusk Digital to simplify the value proposition and product offerings while working with product designers on high-quality 3D renders to give them the 'Apple-effect'. This is all packaged in a clean user-experience built on a custom Wordpress development leveraging WooCommerce for the ecommerce functionalities.