Kristopher Ray Bolleter


Parabellum Media  |  Brand Identity - Website Design & Development

I love a good challenge! A firm believer in "less is more", I'm always looking for an opportunity to help brands turn their vision into reality, even if they don't have much - if anything, to work with. Parabellum Media came to Drogin Group with nothing more than a brand name and a dream, and I helped them build it into a reality with a full brand identity exploration and some carefully selected and curated stock imagery. When people think of stock, they think cliche or boring, I see an opportunity to set the bar higher.

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Eat Drink To-Go  |  Website Design & Development

Eat Drink To-Go was born out of necessity during the pandemic as an Austin Facebook group started by my good friend Hugh Olson IV. Hugh has a knack for solving problems surrounding the service industry and wanted a simple online directory as an MVP for building a full ecosystem of curated Austin eateries, bars and more offering to-go services without the ridiculous markup that comes with third-party delivery services eating into the restaurants profits. So I spun up a lightweight solution on Jamstack to fit the current bill and build a foundation of resources that can grow with his endeavor. If you're in Austin or the surrounding areas, I definitely suggest taking a look!

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John Cummings for Congress  |  Brand Identity - Website Design & Development

Working with Lincoln Strategy Group to develop the Brand Identity and associated user experience showcases what a comprehensive brand strategy can accomplish. It was a pleasure developing a brand with backstory to represent a great candidate.

Apptronik  |  Website Design & Development

Apptronik is an incredible robotics lab in Austin. They approached me to help elevate their existing brand and web presence with a conversion focused site redesign and a custom wordpress development that would allow them to manage on-going product and content additions on their own. They've got some really awesome robotics components that allow developers large and small to engineer their own for revolutionary work in space and agriculture. We've got some grand plans for their future products that include some photography as well.

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Cobb and Counsel  |  Brand Identity - Website Design & Development - Photography

Working with Drogin Group on this overhaul for Cobb and Counsel was really an absolute pleasure and prime example of what can be done when client's trust your guidance from start to finish. We developed a new unique brand, wrote new content, coordinated a photoshoot, and bundled it all up in an entirely new user experience sure to set them apart from all the other legal boilerplate websites.

AGEX  |  Website Design & Development - Copywriting

AGEX originally approached Drogin Group to help with their ongoing marketing efforts and our first step was to conduct a thorough audit of their existing infrastructure. We determined that a new website would significantly increase their customer enagagement and subsequent conversions, ensuring their ad dollars were achieving the best ROI possible. The new user experience was designed and written for the AGEX target market, helping consumers understand the company’s purpose, benefits and giving them clear paths for engagement based on their unique user flow.

Evodesk  |  Art Direction - Brand Identity - Website Design & Development

During my tenure at Spindle 360 I was given the unique opportunity to help launch a new standing desk brand from start to finish. Working with stakeholders, we developed a future-proof brand and user experience that was reflected in the distinct product presentation and custom desk builder. It also received an Honorable Mention from Awwwards, which ain't bad either.

Carly for President  |  Brand Identity - Website Design & Development

Political affiliations aside, It was an amazing opportunity to work with Tusk Digital to develop the brand identity and associated website for the Carly for President campaign. I was tasked with creating an identity that would help elevate her unique message and coincide with her modern approach to politics. Despite the extremely short turnaround (roughly 1 week from concept to launch) we were able to develop a unique and cohesive brand and user experience.

Spindle 360 - Georgetown, TX  |  Brand Identity - Website Design & Development

Spindle 360 is a truly one of a kind product design and marketing firm where I was previously the Creative Director. Fusing the competencies seamlessly through the life of a product's creation. Witnessing is one thing, but being a part of this team has re-shaped my entire design thought process. As a part of our transition into a new location, we underwent a rebranding and website redesign which I was lucky enough to handle from the ground up.

Pretty Fly FPV  |  Brand Identity - Website Design & Development - Product Design

Pretty Fly FPV was a personal project I dreamt up one night, I wanted some cool custom goggle straps and lanyards for my other hobby, FPV, or First-Person-View Drones. So I kickstarted a fun project after designing the product line personally and developing a business plan. Unfortunatley as a naive new business owner I was partnered with an ill-willed investor and I decided to pack up and close up shop, but I still got some cool products and a cool case study out of it. The site employs Snipcart and I was featured in some cool articles about my front-end development work on this site pioneering their platform.

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Stream Filters  |  Brand Identity - Website Design & Development - Art Direction

Another fantastic product launch from my time as Creative Director at Spindle 360, Stream Filters is a superior water filtration system for your home. Working with the stakeholders, I helped develop a cohesive brand identity from logo to product packaging, coupled with a gorgeous product photoshoot to create a user experience that conveyed the pure quality associated with the product.

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There's More to the Story  |  Website Design & Development

There's More to the Story is a collection of read-along audiobook stories from New Hope Housing residents in their own words. Their stories are incredibly touching and emotional, from parts of our very own communities seldomly asked. Their stories chronicle abuse, abandonment, catastrophic illness, hard luck, homelessness and incarceration. Working with Small Town Consulting on this project was incredible because of Randy's true understanding of artistic delivery. We wanted to create a very layered user experience for users to discover these incredible stories.

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Casa De Luz LV  |  Website Design & Development

Casa De Luz is an incredible Christian community resource center in Las Vegas. They came with an existing brand, but needed it expanded to an impactful web presence to share their message and services. I worked with Tagged digital to design and develop a custom conversion focused experience on Wordpress"

Double Creek Eye Care Round Rock  |  Website Design & Development

Dr. Carroll came to me with a new brand and needed a new website, something fresh, and usable, unlike so many other eye care facilities. We started from the ground up to draft SEO-rich content vital for his new business, and I designed and developed a unique, conversion-focused experience. It was truly a pleasure working with Dr. Carroll and his Office Manager Terra and I'm happy to now call them my primary eye doctor for life :)

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Evan Siegfried  |  Brand Identity - Website Design & Development

Evan Siegfried is a political commentator and author featured on numerous televised debates and political discussions. He needed a brand and website that would help him keep his content current and on topic for vendors in addition to marketing his brand. I designed and developed a custom wordpress site for him to manage and promote his published content.

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Aquabot Elite  |  Art Direction - Website Design & Development

With Spindle 360's success on previous Aquabot Products like the X4, we were brought on to tackle the top-tier line launch as well. The Elite's design immediatley stood out from other cleaners, so I wanted to emphasize this with a distinct 'large' photography style and user-experience.

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