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MasterPoint Consulting  |  Brand Refresh - AI Image Creation - Website Design & Development

I met Matt Gowie, owner of MasterPoint Consulting in our "A-Team" group for IndeCollective, as a fellow independant, I immediately resonated with the same drive and passion in Matt that I put in all our work. His brand and user experience left a little to be desired, and he approached me to help him take it to the next level. The "DNA" of his brand was there, but the mark and execution needed a little refinement - which I developed into the MasterPoint "M" Knot. I assisted in fleshing out his full brand identity system for a cohesive foundation, and rolled that into a new user experience that would set him apart from everyone else in his field. I love the way this site came together with subtle movement and unique visuals I developed using AI (midjourney).

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Penelope The Pesky Pelican  |  Writing - Publishing - Website Design & Development

When my father called with the concept for Penelope the Pesky Pelican, I never would have dreamed of the adventure we would take writing, editing, collaborating with an illustrator, curating the production, and self-publishing the first edition of the book. The story is a timeless tale of Penelope the Pelican on a beautiful summer day as she learns the true meaning of friendship. Wonderfully illustrated by Evelina Losich in a way families of all ages will truly enjoy. We look forward to sharing the story with everyone! Available for Preorder Now, shipping April-May 2024!

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Attorneys On Retainer  |  Content Strategy - Website Design & Development

I've worked with the Attorneys For Freedom for a few years supporting their ongoing strategic initiatives while they internally launched their Attorneys on Retainer program, a true alternative to conceal carry insurance. I helped identify a huge opportunity to segment and scale the AOR infrastructure on its own, leading to a literal exponential growth, more than doubling their active users within the first month of the launch! I'm trilled to be able to continue my support for the Attorneys For Freedom family of brands, and a proud AOR member myself.

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Firecracker Farm  |  Brand Strategy - Website Design & Development

When I was first introduced to Firecracker Farm (via Better Business Babe - Andrea Gallagher) I was blown away by their products, but I was equally suprised by their product positioning and lack of food being shown. We immediately engaged for ongoing Brand Strategy and collaborated closely to aggressively reshape the brand and focus of the creative assets and system. With that inevitably came an entirely new website that is better positioned to showcase their amazing products.

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Roadmap Tracker  |  Brand Identity - UI/UX - Content Strategy - Owner

Roadmap Tracker was born out of my passion for process optimization and a simple desire to have a Dominos Pizza Tracker for my projects. Long before I discovered Trello, I dreamt of a SIMPLE project tracking system for people like myself, without the layers of complexity needed to communicate a project's status and goals in a linear way, all without requiring clients to login. So I put together a backend team to help me create and nurture the SaaS platform that is currently in a private testing period. If you're interested in giving it a try, give me a shout (shameless plug)! All my clients get access to leveraging Roadmap Tracker for my personal projects.

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Honest Medical Group  |  Website Design & Development

My original engagement with Honest began during their inception (roughly two years prior to this redesign with Rubicon Founders) with a web design sprint and no brand standards and an affinity for vector illustration. As the organization matured, they evolved their brand standards, and it was time to address it from top to bottom, not just patching together incremental updates. I assisted with a complete redesign and further refinement of their brand system.

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Ambassadors for Self Determination  |  Brand Identity - Website Design & Development

To learn of the atrocities plaguing the Biafran people of Nigeria was nothing short of eye opening. Drogin Group was enlisted to develop a comprehensive brand identity and user experience and I was fortunate to handle the creative direction, design and development for this incredible movement. Self Determination is fundamentally foundational to what we are so blessed to call 'Freedom', and being a part of the fight for the Biafran people is truly an honor.

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The Jet  |  Website Design & Development

The Jet is setting out to revolutionize the rapid transportation industry, starting with New York and Washington, DC. It was an amazing opportunity to work with The Jet and Drogin Group to design and develop the entire front-end user experience for their organization, including all the web marketing material and the front-end design and development for their pilot web-app. The Jet team had a very unique vision for the brand and it was a pleasure to be able to help them bring it to life.

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SJRC Texas  |  Website Design & Development

I was approached by Red Orchid Marketing and KGB Texas to assist with the overhaul of the SJRC Texas user experience. They were on a crumbling templated infrastructure in need of an intuitive refresh for users to easily locate resources and engage with the SJRC initiatives. I took SJRC through a comprehensive content strategy through design and development process to refine their user flow and everyone couldn't be happier with the results.

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HarmonyCares  |  Brand Identity - Website Design & Development

Rubicon Founders acquired a majority stake in U.S.M.M. U.S. Medical Management and wanted to rebrand the entire organization and all partner brands to HarmonyCares. I managed the entire creative process from front to back working with stakeholders and in-house partners to develop a new brand system and extensive online infrastructure from the ground up. Leveraging the latest Jamstack technologies I was able to help maintain the highest security and industry compliance standards while elevating the entire user experience. In total there are 6 new brands and websites I couldn't be happier with.

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Gotham Movie  |  Website Design & Development

Electrolift Creative offered me an incredible opportunity to leverage A.I. art at it's early inception to create the artwork (slide 2) and set the visual tone for Gotham: The Fall and Rise of New York. A documentary that catalogs New York's infamous journey to being the massive city super power it's become today. Highly encourage you check this one out!

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American Sheriff Network  |  Brand Identity - Website Design & Development

I was a big fan of Live PD when they were here in Wilco, and I always missed them when they were pulled from the air. Well, Sheriff Mark Lamb linked up with my friends over at Lincoln Strategy Group who reached out for help with the Brand Identity + Website Design and Development for the new online-only subscription streaming service, American Sheriff Network. I wanted to craft a user-experience that was not only intuitive for the wide-range of audiences, but unique to the American Sheriff Network brand. The result was an immersive experience to put you in the passenger seat of all the action with an easy to navigate interace consistent across all devices. Inevitably, in short turn, American Sheriff was sold to TRUBLU streaming 🏆

Nephrology Associates  |  Website Design & Development

Expanding their digital footprint to compound their successful growth in Tennessee, Nephrology Associates approached me to renovate their user experience for both clients and their in-house team to easily maintain the site without the ongoing costs for simple content updates. With such a robust cross-pollination of locations and providers, it was fun to make this easy for them to manage and the result will help them grow into the rest of the country, with ease.

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The Adventures of Pilot Pete  |  Website Design & Development

Bringing the Bachelor (The wife's a big fan, I'll admit I catch it in passing) Peter's Weber's illustrated childrens book to life online was such an amazing opportunity and experience working with the Blue Balloon Books team. I wanted the design and development to breathe life into the illustrations with subtle animations and a dynamic layout and dimension that encouraged the user to be pulled into the story, while staying cohesive with the books aesthetic

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Biden Seesaw  |  Website Design & Development - Photo-Illustration

The Biden Seesaw was a funny concept I helped dream up to visualize what is traditionally referred to as a "flip-flop" in the political spectrum. I wanted to bring the schoolyard scene to life with a subtle seesaw animation and plenty of memorable visual material to help it gain traction on social media. It seemed to work out well, and ended up winning Gold for Best Use of Humor and Silver for Best Digital Contrast piece at the 2020 Pollie Awards.

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Freelance Brand Strategy and User Experience

I'm often introduced as "the guy that designs logos or builds websites", and that's usually the most tangible result (look no further than my portfolio above), but my strategic process of building brands is uniquely tailored to the organization's goals and how we can make an impact with the highest ROI possible based on comprehensive strategies and foundational principles to position them for success. My engagements span project-basis to fractional Design and Development, Brand & Content Strategy, and Creative & Art Direction. All resulting in comphrensive systems and solutions making a real impact for organizations of all sizes worldwide.

But more importantly I'm a husband and father of two amazing young men (Oliver Ray and Oakley Ray and expecting our Third July 2024, Emalyn Rae) + our chocolate lab, Moose, and a person driven by my passion to build unique brands and experiences that simply convert.

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